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Survey Practice is an e-journal published by the American Association for Public Opinion Research. The mission of Survey Practice is to provide current information on issues in survey research and public opinion that is useful to survey and public opinion practitioners, new survey researchers, and those interested in survey and polling methods. The articles in Survey Practice emphasize useful and practical information designed to enhance survey quality by providing a forum to share advances in practical survey methods, current information on conditions affecting survey research, and interesting features about surveys and people who work in survey research.


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Vol 9, No 5 (2016)

Table of Contents


Experimenting with the Addressee Line in a Mail Survey of Hispanic Households PDF HTML
Paul Lavrakas, Gerry Dirkz, Lisa Lusskin, Beth Ponce
Comparison of Lottery Incentive Amount on Click-Through Rates and Online Survey Response Rates in a Member Association Population PDF HTML
Ariel A. Finno, Simon Neubauer
Availability of Respondent Provided Financial Records to Supplement Self-Reports of Household Expenditures PDF HTML
Emily Geisen, Charles Lau, M. Christopher Stringer, Jennifer Edgar, Brandon Kopp, Ashley Richards
The Impact of Item Sequence Order on Local Item Dependence: An Item Response Theory Perspective PDF HTML
Kenneth D. Royal
The relationship between linkage refusal and selected health conditions of survey respondents PDF HTML
Judith Weissman, Jennifer D Parker, Donna M Miller, Eric A Miller, Renee M Gindi
Income Interpolation from Categories Using a Percentile-Constrained Inverse-CDF Approach PDF HTML
George Lance Couzens, Marcus Berzofsk, Kimberly Peterson
Practice-based considerations for using multi-stage survey design to reach special populations on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk PDF HTML
Victoria Anne Springer, Peter J. Martini, Samuel C. Lindsey, I. Stephanie Vezich

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