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Peer Review Process

The review standards for Survey Practice differ from academic journals and are more similar to the review process for magazines. The primary criteria for publication will be sound research, relevance to the profession, and good writing. For the articles, content review by editors is the basis for determining which articles are published.

  • For the most part, the reviews are done by the editor and associate editors, with help from the editorial board and outside experts when needed. For the features, editorial review only is used. All review processes ensure that high quality, useful articles are published.
  • The review process is intended to be favorable to the authors. That is, the editors attempt to work with authors on those articles that meet the quality standards to make the articles suitable for publication.
  • The submission and review processes are designed to encourage articles from those who typically do not write articles for survey research publications as well as those who publish regularly. The process allows authors to use conference presentations and short research reports as a basis for the articles.
  • Most articles in Survey Practice are short and readable, preferably no longer than 1,500 words. Longer articles will be considered. Authors who have concerns about manuscript length or topical content should contact the editors.


Publication Frequency

Articles will be published as soon as they are ready but will also be part of an issue for citation purposes.


Open Access Policy

This e-journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


About Survey Practice

Founded in 2008, Survey Practice is AAPOR's e-journal with public opinion and survey research articles and commentary.


Editorial Board

Survey Practice is managed by co-editors Kumar Rao and Kirby Goidel. Survey Practice also has an editorial board consists of up to 25 AAPOR members chosen to reflect the diversity of AAPOR membership. The Board includes academics, students, field directors and field technologists, independent consultants, and survey researchers employed in government, nonprofit, polling, media, and commercial survey organizations. The broad membership allows for multiple perspectives on the types of articles that Survey Practice publishes. Editorial board members help with reviews, as needed, and recruit articles for Survey Practice.

  • Janice Ballou
  • Nancy Belden
  • Sandy Berry
  • Trent Buskirk
  • Mario Callegaro
  • Scott Crawford
  • Kathy Frankovic
  • Patrick Glaser
  • Bob Groves
  • Tom Guterbock
  • Patricia A Gwartney
  • Deborah Jay
  • Jeff Jones
  • Ward Kay
  • Robert Lowery
  • Dawn Nelson
  • Barb O’Hare
  • Michael J. O’Neil
  • Susan Pinkus
  • Adam Safir
  • John Stevenson
  • Janet Streicher
  • Jim Wolf


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