Editorial Team


  1. pkpuser
  2. Ashley Kirzinger, Kaiser Family Foundation
  3. Mandy Sha, RTI International, United States
  4. Ms. Emily Geisen, RTI International
  5. Chris Simek, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
  6. Mingnan Liu
  7. Ashley Amaya
  8. Jessica L Holzberg, US Census Bureau, United States
  9. Margaret Roller
  10. Eran Ben-Porath

Section Editors

  1. Josh Hostetter
  2. Ashley Amaya

Layout Editors

  1. Karen Grace
  2. Ashley Amaya


  1. Mr. Kumar Rao, The Nielsen Company, United States
  2. Srinivas Thouta
  3. Rajesh Je
  4. Karen Grace
  5. Ashley Amaya
  6. Lisa Clancy

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