Can Mobile Web Surveys Be Taken on Computers? A Discussion on a Multi-Device Survey Design

Marika de Bruijne, Arnaud Wijnant


This paper introduces an approach to designing a multi-device web survey by using a mobile touchscreen layout as base. We present the findings of an experiment in which we provided one half of an online panel with a survey designed for mobile browsers, and the other half with a standard web survey. Both questionnaire versions were accessible via regular as well as mobile browsers. Based on these results, we discuss whether it is feasible to use a survey with a mobile web layout as the main survey instrument for web respondents. For designing a multi-device, multi-browser survey, we suggest two strategies to be investigated further: optimizing the survey layout for each type of device separately, or optimizing a single design that is compatible with all devices.


mobile web survey; web survey; survey design; touchscreen

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