Survey Participation via Mobile Devices in a Probability-based Online-Panel: Prevalence, Determinants, and Implications for Nonresponse

Teresio Poggio, Michael Bosnjak, Kai Weyandt


Based on (para)data from the probabilistic GESIS Online Panel Pilot Panel (Feb 2011–May 2012), we investigated the use of mobile devices, namely their prevalence, usage determinants, and implications for nonresponse. We found that prevalence is in the range 2.8–4.3 percent within the single survey waves. However, the share of panelists who at least occasionally use mobile devices across the eight waves considered is higher (about 8%). No significant determinants were found for the use of mobile devices, despite the well-known age effect (larger mobile usage propensity for younger compared to older panelists). Finally, we replicate previous findings on the risk of dropping out being associated with the use of smartphones but not with the use of tablets.


Nonresponse; Smarphone; Online mobile survey; Websurvey; Mobile

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