Media:Time - A New Time-Use Survey Method to Capture Today’s Media Use

Annemarie Wennekers, Alke Bassler, Nathalie Sonck, Sjoerd Pennekamp, Henk Fernee, Jos de Haan


Due to the fast-changing media landscape and the central role that media play in many people’s daily routines, it has become increasingly important and difficult to study media use. In this article, an innovative time-use diary method (Media:Time) is described that comprises a complete set of media activities (such as viewing, listening, reading, communicating, gaming, searching for information); devices (such as television set, tablet, smartphone, on paper); and content (television programs, newspaper titles, website genres). By doing so, this survey provides an unprecedented level of systematic detail about people’s (parallel) media use. The first wave of Media:Time was conducted among Dutch aged 13 years and older (n=2,989) in the fall of 2013 and consisted of a diary study and questionnaire. A detailed description of the survey design is presented as well as a selection of results that reflect the unique features of this new survey. The results show that the survey captures more media time and media activities than previous surveys and can be completed both online and offline.


time-use survey, method, media use

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