Comparison of Lottery Incentive Amount on Click-Through Rates and Online Survey Response Rates in a Member Association Population

Ariel A. Finno, Simon Neubauer


The National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) is a non-profit member association which frequently engages in best practices research for the profession of investor relations officers. In conducting its best practices online survey research with this population, previous research has shown that the use of conditional lottery incentives assists in increasing otherwise declining survey participation response rates. Previous research has suggested that some populations (students, professionals, etc.) behave differently than others towards conditional lottery incentives. Members of the sample were randomly assigned to one of two groups for the online survey which determined whether they were offered one chance to win one of five $20 gift cards, or one chance to win one of one $100 gift card for their participation. The total dollar amount distributed to respondents for each group totaled to $100, for a combined total distributed of $200. Results showed that both click-rate (or click-through rate) of the survey link and survey completion rate were not significantly affected by the increased odds of winning one of five smaller lottery incentives as opposed to one of one larger incentive. 


online survey incentives; survey incentives; click-through rate;drop-out rate; survey response rate; conditional incentive; lottery incentive

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