Vol 5, No 1 (2012)

Table of Contents


Smart Surveys for Smart Phones: Exploring Various Approaches for Conducting Online Mobile Surveys via Smartphones* HTML PDF
Trent D. Buskirk, Charles Andres
Sampling Cell Phone Only Households: A Comparison of Demographic and Behavioral Characteristics from ABS and Cell Phone Samples HTML PDF
John Boyle, Anna Fleeman, Courtney Kennedy, Faith Lewis, Andy Weiss
What Single Polls and Their Marginals Tell Us (Or Not!) HTML PDF
David W. Moore
Comment on David Moore’s “What Single Polls and Their Marginals Tell Us (Or Not!)”* HTML PDF
Howard Schuman
A Potential Solution for Easing Authentication of Respondents for a Web-Based Survey? HTML PDF
Herbert Baum
Exploring Animated Faces Scales in Web Surveys: Drawbacks and Prospects HTML PDF
Matthias Emde, Marek Fuchs
Enhancing Address Based Sampling with Contingent Incentives and Sample Indicators HTML PDF
Lukasz Chmura, L. Tracie Yancey

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