Vol 7, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents


Prioritizing Low Propensity Sample Members in a Survey: Implications for Nonresponse Bias PDF HTML
Jeffrey A Rosen, Joe Murphy, Andy Peytchev, Tommy Holder, Jill Dever, Debbie Herget, Daniel Pratt
Recent Activity Flags for Cellular Samples PDF HTML
David Dutwin, David Malarek
Two better than one: The use of a mixed-mode data collection to improve the electoral forecast PDF HTML ()
Vidal Díaz de Rada, Sara Pasadas del Amo
Respondent-Driven Sampling of Heterosexuals at Increased Risk of HIV Infection PDF HTML
Neale Batra, Simone Gray, Nevin Krishna, Nikhil Prachand, William Robinson, Cyprian Wejnert
It’s Worse Than We Thought – Landline RDD Unreachable Young Adults in a College Town PDF HTML
Aria Nilson, Ronald Cossman

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