Vol 7, No 3 (2014)

Table of Contents


Comparing Mode Choices of Demographic Subgroups Using an ABS Sampling Frame HTML PDF
Anh Thu Burks, Lauren Walton, Kelly Bristol
Increased Accuracy of Distribution Based Missing Value Imputation: HTML PDF
Thomas Emerson Wasser
Does Voice Matter for Youth Reports of Tobacco Use? An Interactive Voice Response Experiment HTML PDF
Niki Mayo, Brenna Muldavin, Douglas B. Currivan
Response order effects in the Youth Tobacco Survey: Results of a split-ballot experiment HTML PDF
Alissa Carey O'Halloran, Sean Hu, Ann Malarcher, Robert McMillen, Nell Valentine, Mary Moore, Jennifer Reid, Natalie Darling, Robert Gerzoff
Examining the Effect of Prenotification Postcards on Online Survey Response Rate in a University Graduate Sample HTML PDF
Camille B. Lalasz, Michael J. Doane, Victoria Springer, Veronica Dahir

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