Vol 9, No 4 (2016)

Table of Contents


Measuring Consumer Cash Holdings: Lessons from the 2013 Bank of Canada Methods-of-Payment Survey PDF HTML
Heng Chen, Chris Henry, Kim P Huynh, Q Rallye Shen, Kyle Vincent
Gay Marriage Tends to be More Popular than Same-Sex Marriage PDF HTML
Jason A. Husser, Kenneth E. Fernandez
Mobile-only web survey respondents PDF HTML
Peter Lugtig, Vera Toepoel, Alerk Amin
PCs versus Smartphones in answering web surveys: does the device make a difference? PDF HTML
Melanie Revilla, Daniele Toninelli, Carlos Ochoa
Participant Retention in a Longitudinal Study: Do Motivations and Experiences Matter? PDF HTML
Simani M. Price, Christina H Park, Ruth A. Brenner, Annie Lo, Sara Adams, Rich Ann Baetz, Tiandong Li
Effect of a pre-paid incentive on response rates to an Address-Based Sampling (ABS) Web-Mail survey PDF HTML
Z. Tuba Suzer-Gurtekin, Mahmoud ElKasabi, Mingnan Liu, James M. Lepkowski, Richard Curtin, Rebecca McBee
A Practical Balancing for a Random Sample from a Finite Population by Systematic Selection PDF HTML
Hee-Choon Shin, Jibum Kim

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