Differences Similarities
1. Each effort had two recruiters from RTI International, and two recruiters worked on both efforts 1. All recruiters were experienced, fully bilingual, and bicultural
2. The 2008 recruitment lasted from June to October and selected 48 participants vs. the more recent recruitment that took place from November 2014 to February 2015 and selected 48 participants 2. Trainings minimized recruiter inconsistencies, and they also conducted interviews.
3. The 2008 effort focused on recruiting participants in various housing structures and ownership types. The 2014–2015 effort’s recruited complex household compositions (e.g., non-nuclear families, same-sex partner, etc.) and Hispanic/Latino origins (indigenous, afroamericanos), and over half of the recruits were required to be proficient mobile device users 3. Used nonscripted recruitment introduction by consulting talking points or sample script
4. Recruitment methods: word of mouth, newspaper and online ads, and flyers at locations frequented by potential recruits
5. Government sponsor: U.S. Census Bureau
6. Objectives were to pretest Spanish survey questions primarily about housing and demographicsa
7. Length of interview: on average 60 minutes
8. Incentive payment: $40
9. Locations: North Carolina and Texas, except Floridab