Attire Dress business casual, for example, pants or a modest skirt in solid, neutral colors (black, navy, grey); a shirt; a sweater; or a simple jacket.
Avoid too many accessories, tight or revealing clothes, suits, clothing or purses with designer logos, and high heels. Also avoid a casual look with jeans, shorts, T-shirts or bulky coats unless it is part of a uniform.
Verbal behavior Greet politely in Spanish, e.g., Buenos días/Buenas tardes(Good morning/ Good afternoon)
Use the formal form of address, usted, to talk to potential adult participants. Younger adults (less than 30 years old) might feel more comfortable if they are addressed in an informal form, but when in doubt, use the formal form. Addressing adults in an informal form,tú, could be perceived as disrespectful, especially if the recruiter is younger than the potential recruits.
Nonverbal behavior Make eye contact, but do not fix your gaze. Gazing could make potential recruits uncomfortable and distrustful.
Display a friendly, but modest smile. Overdoing it might be perceived as trying to sell something or even flirting.