Behavior Definition
 Read exact Read question exactly as worded
 Adequate probe Nondirective probing behavior, such as repeat the question exactly as written, repeat response options, take your best guess etc.
 Exact verification Repeat respondent’s answer exactly as given
 Appropriate clarification Clarifying behavior, such as whatever it means to you, read a definition exactly as worded, clarify the unit in question
 Appropriate feedback Feedback behavior, such as short acknowledgements of response without any other statement, longer motivational feedback
 Rapport-related feedback Interviewer flatters or compliments the respondent, digresses in off-topic conversation or discloses personal information or attitudes
 Task-related feedback Task-, time- and telephone quality-related feedback
 Laughter Interviewer laughs
 Affirmative feedback Interviewer provides an affirmative statement
 Stuttering Interviewer restarts or repeats part of a word or phrase in question or response options
 Disfluency Whether there are any disfluencies, stutters, or repairs
 Interruptions Interviewer interrupts the respondent
 Read major change Interviewer changes the meaning of the question, omits, or adds multiple words to the question wording
 Inadequate probe Directive probing behavior, such as repeat the question or response options with changes, other directive probes that lead the respondent toward a particular response
 Inadequate verification Repeats respondent’s answer with changes but does not change the meaning